October 31, 2013

5 Rules on Being a Teenager

Being a teenager is always an adventure. It's the stages that are between awkward and mature. Obnoxious and responsible. They're your growing up years. It's not always fun and school usually gets more challenging, and you're trying to fit in and and and... I'm only 16 and even when I feel old, I know I'm still young. So since I've been a teenager for 4 years, I decided to write down some funny and basic rules on being a teenager.

1. Do not ask someone if they have a crush on another person. For the love of all things good and pure...do NOT do this. Unless it's your best friend or your sibling. (insert awkward stories) Because when you're just minding your own business and all of a sudden someone comes up and asks you "Do you like him/her?" and 10 other people hear and look at you and wait for your response...it's not ok. Because then you can end up blushing and those people can tell other people and there's peer pressure...so unless it's a safe situation, spare that moment.

2. Smell good. Please shower. Please please please. I know you're staying up late doing homework and waking up before the rooster crows but take the time to at least shower and put some good smelly stuff on. Because the last thing you want to be in high school is "that kid who smells like he just rolled in garbage". So just trust me on this and have good hygiene.

3. Stay out of drama. If you go to school or hang out with lots of other people your age, there's bound to be drama. Even if you try your hardest to stay out of it or ignore that girl that's had 14 boyfriends - it's bound to hit you in the face sooner or later. Because as soon as you ask Suzy about her boy problems...you're her clutch-the person she complains to about everything. Blah blah blah. Or as soon as you listen to that cute boy talking about how he snuck out of his house over the weekend...you've heard it and you can't go back. So stick with the right crowd and get some friends that you know are good to be around.

4. Respect your parents. I cannot emphasize this enough. Now, my parents are great...and I really truly mean that. They're teaching me life lessons and being my best friends at the same time. But if you respect their decisions for you, as their child, and listen to them - they're going to do the same to you. They're going to realize that you know your boundaries and you're a good kid. Don't push it and ask to go to bad parties or sneak out of the house because that's how you get yourself in trouble. Because they're doing the best they can and the least you can do for them is say "ok mom/dad I understand".

5. Be original. Yeah yeah this is so cliche..."be yourself" yadda yadda yadda. You've heard it 1000 times. But no seriously. I don't care if you're with your best friend, at church, or by yourself...just be you. I've had troubles with this in the past and the last thing you want to be is the person you're not. Hiding under some fake mannequin. Sing in the shower, make stupid puns, wear your sparkly converse from 7th grade (ha funny story - I still do that), hang out with both genders, read a book - who cares if someone calls you a nerd, play a new sport, just make sure you're doing it all for you. Not me or that cute boy on the football team. YOU.



CountryGirl said...

These are GREAT! Thanks for sharing! :)



Erin Estella said...

dude you nailed it. hahahh

S. said...

Great rules. :) That last one especially...it can be hard!

Kennedy Dukes said...

This was a much needed laugh. Great post Michlyn.