October 29, 2013

"Start Strong...End Stronger"

This season's motto for our volleyball team was "start strong, end stronger". Because no matter what happens, how many mistakes we make or don't make, if we win or lose...we want to play with our chins up and our confidence high. Because playing like you're going to lose or being mad at your team is going to get you no where. Absolutely no where. So throughout the season and before every game we came up with a team goal and encouraged each other and talked to each other on the court. We had such an incredible season and I love my teammates so much!

And of course we enjoyed our time off the court too - together at taco nights, celebrating the seniors, doing killers, and with our fans! I couldn't ask for a better season and I'm so pumped for next year! 



Anna said...

That's so awesome, Michlyn! :) How long have you been playing volleyball? :)

Michlyn said...

Yeah it's a blast! It was my 6th year playing this season :)


Emily Beth said...

that's a great motto! it's such a fantastic feeling being a part of a team!