January 3, 2014

Old Goals & New Goals

This past year I started something new. I made 13 goals for 2013. I decided to write them down and keep them here for all of you to see. I felt like that would give me more motivation and keep me more accountable to things I wanted to achieve. And even though I didn't complete them all, I am quite happy with what I accomplished in 2013. 

I am proud and excited that so much could happen in just one year. So here are the finished goals from my year.

1. Bedroom Makeover ✓ (pics coming soon)
2. Save enough money for a DSLR camera 
3. Get a car 
4. Finish my sophomore year on the A or B honor roll 
5. Get a Summer job 
6. Complete 3 DIY projects off of Pinterest
7. Let my blog reach 50 followers 
8. Learn how to crochet or knit
9. Go on a road trip
10. Complete 5 random acts of kindness

11. Complete my devotional book
12. Don't spend excess money for an entire month 
13. Stop the bad habit of biting my nails (in progress)

Since this seemed to be such a success for me. I decided to make 14 goals for 2014 as well. There are probably 3 or 4 of the same from 2013 because I really want to complete all the goals I made. :) 

Thanks for following along!

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