September 19, 2014

Volleyball {so far}

I thought I'd do a quick post on my volleyball team/season so far. This year we got a new coach and she's amazing. She's taught us so much and we're really blessed to have her skills and knowledge coaching us everyday. So far our conference record is 2-1 and we got second place in our first tournament of the year!

These girls are my best friends and I'm so excited to see how far we will go this season! 



Emily Beth said...

Congratulations! Nothing like being part of a team!

Tashia said...

Oh, so fun!! I love volleyball and it would be so neat to play on a real team! Loved seeing the photos!!

Miss H (Gimnastic─â) said...

Awesome!! And what position do you play? I've noticed your jersey is different to the other players.

Michlyn said...

It really is a ton of fun! Being the captain is such a blast and playing with the girls is such a great experience!

@Miss H - I am the Libero. Which means I only play in the back row - I don't play at the net or hit. In other words, I'm short, don't have a super high vertical, and end up diving on the floor at least 3 times a game :)

Blessed to play for this team!