October 12, 2014

Homecoming Queen {2014}

It's my senior year guys...You have to go all out for senior year! Whether it's helping the freshmen, making a fool of yourself, being a role model, or dancing crazy...Just have a blast and make some memories you won't forget! In this case, all of the above happened at our annual Homecoming Dance.

This year it was a Sadie Hawkins theme, which means the girls ask the guys to the dance. Of course you don't have to go with a date (like me) and it's still a blast. The senior guys (some of my best friends) all went to the local thrift store, bought some crazy stuff, and came to the dance all ready to have some fun. :) Otherwise, the dress code was "country" or "casual".

I have never been to the Homecoming dance before...It was my first and last homecoming dance and this year I was nominated with 2 other girls and 3 guys from the senior class, for homecoming royalty.

Twice a year we have secondary (9th-12th gr) dances, not including PROM. And every dance we nominate 3 guys and 3 girls from each grade for royalty. For homecoming, they just do the seniors and it was such a blast! They announce us at the pepfest and we get to play a little game in the gym, in front of the whole secondary side. (7th-12th gr. including teachers)

Varsity captains announcing the boys soccer team

Me and co-captain Hannah (#6) announcing the varsity volleyball team...Our girls like to have fun :)

Senior girl royalty nominees

The pepfest is 30 mins and then school is dismissed. That night, our school hosts the Homecoming Dance and that starts at 7pm. As everyone comes to the door, they vote for 1 guy and 1 girl from the senior nominees to become homecoming king and queen. Coronation starts at 7:45pm...

Left to Right: Kevin, me, Ryan, Emma, Cam, & Megan (yes she has a slushie)

Drum roll please......................................

Kevin was crowned king and I was crowned queen :) 

It was such a fun night and we made lots of memories! Senior year has been a whirlwind of never ending fun and craziness and I'm loving every bit of it. Just to top it off, here are a few more fun pictures from Homecoming night.
 Crazy senior/junior boys :)
 Alumni friends came and danced with us that night

 My volleyball girls
We are fabulous!


Emma Mcclelland said...

Congrats! You're so gorgeous!

Marissa Kathryn said...


BTW I have a question what did you use to show your instagram photos on your blog sidebar....Nothing will work for me! :/