August 6, 2015


The countdown has begun. Only 12 more days until I'm moving onto my college campus. TWELVE.

Nerves are kicking in. Excitement is rising. Dorm checklist is getting smaller. Time is getting shorter.

I'm preparing myself for the unexpected. I've never done this college thing before. I know I'm going to love it. I know it's going to be different. I just don't know what to expect. My friends and I are all going different ways. An hour away from home. Taking a year off. A couple are moving east and a couple are moving west. My best friend found her dream college 5 hours away from me. We're all just preparing ourselves for change.

We've done it before. When your childhood best friend and her family moved across the country. Or when your parents got divorced. You had your "goodbye dance" after middle school and prepared yourself for freshman year of high school. Now it's a little different though. We won't all have our parents to pay for our groceries and car insurance. We'll have to schedule our own appointments and buy our own clothes for a job interview. It's all changing.

But it's a good change. Growing up is intimidating and thrilling. We'll all do it individually and life will get busier and more exciting. We'll meet new people and call them our soul mates. We'll forget those girls in high school that only strived for beauty and popularity; not intellect and originality.

Life is a journey and nobody travels it exactly the same way. So I'm just preparing myself - my mind, my heart, to strive for my dreams and pray that God will always be by my side.

And every little (or big) thing is gonna be alright.


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