August 15, 2015

What I'm Going to Miss.

Being the first born of a family has it's pros and cons; just like everything else in life does. There are always positives and negatives but you just have to focus on the right reasons and keep your chin up.

I've always loved being the oldest in my family. And now I'm heading to college in a couple days and it's a whole new experience. I'm the first one to leave the house and go to college. First generation headed to a 4 yr university. I know it's going to be such a fun experience and I'm going to learn so much but I'm also going to miss a lot from home.

My family first and foremost.

My dad whistling in the kitchen as he cooks. Or coming up with ridiculous jokes to make my boyfriend laugh. Or him tickling my feet because he knows it drives me crazy.

My momma. Buying me clothes. Doing my laundry. Listening to her praying with my little siblings - how she's raised them just the same as me. Feeding me truth and wisdom. Singing country songs together in the car.

My best friend, my sister Erin. We've shared a room since she was born. We make up our own words and jokes and laugh about it for years. Or talking about boys in the dark before we go to bed. How we can hate the same thing or love completely different things.

My little siblings too. How they look up to me. How my youngest brother pronounces my name wrong. My littlest sister wanting to be just like me.

Driving down the backroads with the windows down and the music blaring. (I won't get to bring my car on campus as a freshman) Going for late night junk food runs with my sister. Missing my job and my coworkers for how hard they work.

Things are going to change but it's going to be a good experience. One I'm getting very excited for and very nervous for. Hoping these last few days go a lot slower than the rest of my summer. Soaking in every last detail.



Jess Ann said...

Love this! Wow we're kinda in the same situation. I'm only 15 but I'm moving to another state to go to high school!! I'm also the oldest and yeah I'm very scared/excited!!! :) I wish you well on your adventure!

Michlyn said...

Wow that will be hard for you, especially as the oldest. Best of luck to you, study hard and have fun - it goes by so fast! God is with you every step of the way and I'm sure you'll do amazing things!