September 30, 2011

See you at the Pole

Credit to MS Word Clipart (not my school)
See you at the pole is a youth event that goes on all over the world. It's where kids from schools all over go to their flagpoles on the last Wednesday of September. They go there to pray for their communities, their teachers, staff, their freinds, and any other thing they want. Since I actually go to a school now, I went to experience this for the first time. It was amazing. People I didn't know, elementary kids, and even new friends I have met were there. We had a 5 minute time for silence and anyone during that time could pray openly. What's really amazing about this event is that you can say anything you want in prayer, and you know you won't be judged. Then we broke into groups by elementary, middle school, and high school. We even had a teacher who came by and prayed for a minute "before she became a teacher"! Incredible experience. You go to school half and hour (about 20-30 minutes) before school starts, and pray for that time. You can choose to open in song or do it any other way.

So this event took place last Wednesday, and they do it once a year, so it really is great to have this opportunity. Later, last Wednesday there was a youth rally at our church, where we hosted a time of worship and prayer with 8 other youth groups in our area! The whole sanctuary or "worship center" was filled with teens from 6th-12th grade. I met a few new girls, and got to pray with them and it was really an unforgetable night.

I just thank the Lord that we live here, in a free country where we can worship and think anything we want without the consequences that other countries have. I pray for those countries, and the leaders there, that they might learn to have and give the freedom we have someday.

God Bless America!

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