September 2, 2011

This is Real Life

This is real life.
When beds are not made.

When there are clothes all over the floor and not put away.

When your closet is stuffed with clothes and everything else.

When projects sit and not touched for days.

When homework awaits to be done, but you wait longer and longer to do it.

When you hear siblings fight from every corner of the house.

When your mom wants the house clean, and you try to clean, but get distracted easily.

When you know it's lunch time, but still no one starts to make anything.

When you want to make plans this weekend, but your hardworking dad and some of his "not-so-great" employees are stuck in a smelly place trying to catch up from all the mistakes made by some "not-so-smart" people.

When you miss friends, but know that you can't ask your mom to do another single thing, or she just might burst.

When siblings are told to do things, over and over and OVER, but still don't listen.

When the phone rings every 5 seconds, when you're trying to get something done, and you wish you could chuck it out the window.

This list could go on forever. Really it could.

But I know that the more I type these things, and not fix them the list might just never ever end.

So I'm off to do my jobs. To finish my work. To please the Lord in every way I can. With patience.

I'll blog soon,

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