September 5, 2011

My Summer Summary

Ok, so I thought I would write about my summer. I think I said I was going to, but I'm not sure. :) I did a lot of fun things this summer, so it might be hard to remember them all. So if I forget something don't be offended. It wasn't on purpose. lol Here it goes...

  • This summer I hung out with my family a lot. We moved this summer, from the house that we all grew up in, the house that we brought my little sister from Ethiopia home in, and the house that my parents built 17 years ago. So we were pretty busy for a while with all those details. We've been outside a lot, and with a park near by it's pretty fun. We've made the trip to the cities, a couple times and enjoyed some Ethiopian cuisine. YUM! Also as you know this past weekend we got to have fun at MOA. It was a blast!
  • YOUTH GROUP! This summer in youth group has been a lot of fun! We started a new summer series called: Gospel Journey-Maui! That was a lot of fun. It was basically a TV show series where we watched a video each week, and then discussed it in groups. REALLY interesting! We also had a lot of fun events. We started the summer with a kick-off party with inflatables (so much fun), also took a trip to MOA, and my favorite was going to Bunker Beach! This summer has gone way to fast, and if I could rewind, I would!
  • I also spent a lot of time in my church this year. We moved a lot closer to our church, so it's in walking distance. So it's been fun to walk there early every Sunday morning, and see how quiet it is! I volunteered with child care, in nursery, and I was a crew leader in their annual VBS! It was blast!
  • I had an amazing time at ValleyFair this summer with my grandparents, sister, and cousins. I wrote a whole post about it and you can read it here.
  • I spent a lot of time with my friend Beka this summer! I think we had about 3 sleepovers, hung out with her at the pool, and saw her at least twice a week all summer. She goes to church, and youth group with me. I think I'm going to ValleyFair and sleeping over with her this coming up weekend! One word: EPIC!

Summer is finally over... *sigh*. I probably missed somethings, and I'm sure my friends will be telling me what I missed. Oh well! I think I might have one weekend left to have some fun, and then the school year will begin non-stop until Christmas. :) Then it will start again after that. haha You get the point!

Here are some pictures from my summer!

Celebrating the Fourth of July!

Youth group trip to MOA - Erin & Beka

We had a ton of fun going on all the rides!

My parents and littlest sister outside of the Ethiopian resturant.

Youth group praise band! We had a worship night and it was a lot of fun!

Beka and I got manicures and pedicures together!

ValleyFair with my cousins, Erin, and grandparents- August 2011!

I also did a lot of babysitting! This is 'T' and 'K'!

Here are some links of things I missed: (If you're interested)

Enjoy your last taste of freedom! :) A happy Labor Day to everyone!



Beka said...

what about the lock-in?

Michlyn said...

Yeah ok I'll add that! Lol Just your link though! Because I took really bad pictures and barely any. (:

Beka said...

haha ok