January 7, 2012

Random Saturday Rambling

I didn't have that much homework this weekend, but I had to finish one fairly big project for Language Arts and my math.

I hate book critiques - Take so much thought. (Oh just thought that I'd let you know that I DO know how to spell book... I didn't realize until later that I speilled it with an 'e'.) lol oops!

I had to do the critique (kind of like a book review) on this book. It wasn't even that great.

If you know me, then you know math is not my favorite subject. At all. I'm pretty good at it, but I still don't like doing it.

Today I have a family reunion gathering type of thing so I'll be going to that and then coming home to probably do nothing.

I still have to shower and so something useful! :) Good thing it's Saturday!
Looking forward to my new "series"! I'll be working on my next post, and hope to have it published sometime next week.



Beka said...

How did you read that whole book?. I can't even read a book I like. I can't wait for you to post your new series! Hope you have at your family thing!

Michlyn said...

The family thing was actually more fun than I thought! Erin and I were the oldest kids there! My grandpa (the funny one) has a brother and he's even more crazy than my grandpa! Had some serious laugh attacks!

I know I'm excited too!