January 6, 2012

Top List of 2011!

Ok here's my top fave memories of 2011 - It was a great and memorable year!

My top memory for January was Volleyball - I used to play on a team through another school and absolutely loved it! I played through the JO program (Junior Olympics) and had an amazing team with great coaches!

Most of you know that I LOVE youth group, and also like to volunteer and help in anyway! So my favorite memories of February is the Valentine's Dinner and also Dare2Share! The dinner was at our church and I had a blast serving with my friends from youth group - the food was really good too! At Dare2Share we got to take a road trip with our youth group to Lincoln, Nebraska. At the conference, students are taught how to share their faith with their peers, get to watch dramas, worship, and a lot more. It was so much fun!

(Beka and I on the way to the church, we stayed at in Nebraska)

I also love babysitting! I used to be a part time nanny for two little boys who I would watch once a week! They were such great kids and it was an awesome job! Another memory in March was the adoption finalization for my sister Tareh Jo - She became a U.S. citizen!

For those of you who don't know, I was homeschooled last year. Anyway around April last year, we were thinking about putting me into school for the next year (which we did). So my favorite part of April was finishing up my homeschooling.

This month is the month when all school work speeds up... homework finals, graduations, and end of the school year parties. I loved finishing up my schooling, seeing my siblings finish school, and watch my littlest brother graduate from Preschool. It was a great start to an amazing summer!

The start of summer was great last year! Full of memories with friends and family. You can click here to read about my whole summer. My favorite memory in June was the youth group summer kick-off party, and also the fun time to relax with family and friends.
Beka and I at the summer kick-off party - We had a lot of inflatables!

Beach Day with Friends

July was a busy month, but it was also a lot of fun! We celebrated one very special day in July (that we will celebrate every year) and that would be Tareh Jo's "Gotcha Day"! The day that she came home to us - Her forever family. Another fun event would be the trip we took to MOA (Mall of America) with the youth group! (If you can't tell yet, we have a lot of fun events in youth group - especially in the summer).
July 23rd, 2010 - Can't believe it's already been over a year

Celebrating one year - July 2011

MOA trip - Beka and I

This month was probably the most fun, and busy month of the summer! My #1 memory from this month was Bunker Beach with the youth group! My next favorite memory was Valleyfair with my cousins and grandparents!

Excuse the smeared mascara and you got one fun day!

Cousins :)

School had been in session for about a week by the time September got going. It was fun because I actually got to go to Valleyfair again with Beka one weekend! Another memory for September would be Beka's party! She invited a few people over for a bonfire and dinner and it was a blast!

There was not too much going on in October - Just a bunch of school and homework and hanging out with friends! To start out with, Beka and I love taking pictures, so one day in October she came over and we did a photo shoot! It was a blast - I think we took around 300/400 pictures just on that day! Now we have a "photo shoot" like every time we see each other! My next memory is one of my very favorites from the whole year. FALL FLING! It was a great weekend full of friends, games, fellowship, worship, and tons of fun! If you want to read more about it then you can visit these links:

We played in the flag football tournament as a youth group! It was so much fun!

My favorite memory in November would have to be my birthday! I had so many birthday wishes at school, through texts, and even on facebook! I felt very special on my birthday! Here are some pics from that day!

There are a lot of fun memories from December! It was a fun and busy month because of the holidays, but I also had such a blast in December because it was a time to reflect on the year and also to look forward to a new year! Thank you so much for reading!
Here's a list of links to go to if you really feel like it; for December:

It was so good to go back and look at what I enjoyed in 2011! I made a lot of memories and I'm very excited to see what 2012 will bring!


Beka said...

I can't wait to have fun on more youth group trip! This year is going to be soo much fun

Michlyn said...

I know! So pumped for Dare2Share and hopefully Nationals but not sure about that yet.


Beka said...

I hope you can come! My mom is sending out letters to help get the money for the trip.