June 28, 2012

*Updated* The Unofficial 'About Me' Page

I am a Christian and I love my Savior!

I love anything & everything that is blue.

I love scarves and sunglasses.

I love my hair long.

My favorite food is pizza.

I spend too much time on social media/the internet.

I love taking pictures & photography.

I have a huge heart for Africa, adoption, and the orphans of this world.

I have a big family and want a big family when I grow up.

I volunteer and serve at every possibility I get.

I love going to school - Mostly to see my friends. But I hate homework.

I am easily entertained by ridiculous jokes.

I think dishes are the worst chore ever.

I find politics extremely boring.

I have never been on an airplane.

I'm a perfectionist.

I love having my nails done.

I'm not a very good dancer.

I like to draw - it helps me concentrate.

I love winter but hate driving during it.

I like to work out.

My favorite job in the world is being a big sister and teaching kids.

I love listening to music.

Sometimes I wish I had real glasses.

Fall is my favorite season of the year.

My favorite thing to do is hang out with my best friends.

I try my hardest to be a prayer warrior for anyone I possibly can be.

I love the friends and family in my life who I can turn to for anything.

I like to read.

I have an obsession with shoes.

I am extremely clumsy.

I have my drivers license

I like to put mustard on my mac & cheese sometimes.

I like to get my beauty sleep.

And even though I'm unique from anyone else in this world, I must remember... I'm not perfect. :)