June 26, 2012

New Orleans!

Hey all my faithful readers! Just wanted to say that I've missed hearing from you. My blog has been a little quiet these days. I just couldn't think of anything to write. Well no worries, I'm here today to give you an update about my youth group & an upcoming trip all in one. :)

So every 2 years there is this conference called "Nationals". It's for youth all over the United States to gather as a whole. There are sermons, classes, service projects, worship, sports to play, sites to visit, you meet new friends, and most important we come together as the body of Christ to learn more about Him. And this year... it's in NEW ORLEANS!

We've been planning this trip ever since January, and we're all kind of excited. We were all getting pumped about last month... There were countdowns, meetings, and fundraisers in order for everyone to make the trip.

You see... just about 3 1/2 weeks ago... we lost our youth pastor. :( We got letters that he had left, and now he won't be leading our group on this awesome trip. We had our final meeting last night about all the details, and now it's reality.

We're leaving in 4 days! 

It's for a whole week! We leave on June 30th & return on July 7th! We are taking a charter bus down there, with our group of 50 people, and are traveling for about 24-28 hours. Oh boy, please lift us up in a few prayers when you think about it. That's a long time in a bus. But don't worry we're stopping every 4 hours.

It's going to be a fun and interesting trip. We're staying in a hotel and on the way home we get to go to SIX FLAGS (a huge amusement park) allllll day. Yay!

Please pray that we grow together as a youth group, come together before God, and grow to know more about Him. This trip is going to open our eyes, and we all need prayer and guidance as we prepare.

The title for this year's Challenge conference is Everything Is New! Sounds like a perfect title for us right now.

Thanks everyone!

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Hannah said...

Sounds like it will be good :-) Hope you have a great time