June 7, 2012

New Pages

Hi everyone! I added two new pages underneath my header.

Contact Me - This gives you info on how you can reach me best for questions, comments, or concerns.

My View on Adoption - Most of you know that I have an adopted sister. She's been home for about 22 months now. I decided to write this page, so I could reach out to others and tell you how I view adoption. You can go check it out, and read more about my view.

Thanks everyone! Hope you're enjoying this beautiful Summer day just as much as I am!



Luv2sing333 said...

I found your blog by a promotional post on another blog and followed you right away:) Follow me back at http://luv2sing-mypre-teenjourney.blogspot.com/. Thanks:) Lovely blog by the way:)


~Miss Raquel said...

Hey, just came across your blog and thought I'd leave a note saying hi:)
Love your blog name, by the way! Very country. Reminds me of that song 'Small Town Southern Man' but Alan Jackson :)

Miss Raquel @ God-sDaughter.blogspot.com

Michlyn said...

Thank Ashley! I really appreciate you following! I will go check out your blog very soon.


Michlyn said...

Thank your for stopping by! :)
I will go see your blog as soon as I can. Have a great day