June 17, 2012

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Most of you have probably realized that I mention my best friend Beka alot! :)

I haven't quite known her for 2 years, but she's definitely my best friend! haha we have our moments but that's just a reminder that we are best friends. We laugh so hard we cry or cry so hard we laugh.

One of our favorite sayings is:
"God made us best friends, because He knew our moms wouldn't be able to handle us as sisters."

We are basically sisters, and do almost everything together!

So once I got a blog, Beka started reading it so she could read about my crazy life! Then, one day she was over at my house and said "You should help me start a blog". So I did!

She's been blogging for a while now, and posts when she can. Her life is very busy, and takes many twists and turns. She does funny posts that have lots of quotes and they literally make you laugh out loud.

She loves ALL colors, so that's how part of her blog name came to be. ;-)

If you want to get to know her more, then check out her blog at: Black is a Color. She would love to get some more readers! Show her some love!


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