April 29, 2013

Welcome Summer?

Since this past weekend it's been gooorgeous outside. I live in a very cold winter state and it seemed like Spring was never going to come. A friend of mine posted on facebook "I went from a winter coat to being shirtless outside...this state is weird." It made me laugh, because it's so true. I'm pretty sure that we just skipped Spring all together and went straight to Summer. With only 16 days of school left and temperatures being in the 70's; it honestly feels like Summer vacation.

My siblings and I were outside pretty  much all weekend, and so I decided to snap some pics of the beautiful lush scenery. Although it was sunset (and yes it seems like that's all the scenery kind of pictures I take) there really is no snow left, and it was just beautiful. :)

I do have some fun plans this week and also a couple birthdays this weekend! Hope you all have a wonderful week!



Emily Beth said...

holy gorgeous, photos!!! what a darling blog you have!

your newest follower :)


Jessica said...

Those photos are BEAUTIFUL!! The weather is crazy here in Alabama too. You never know whether you'll be wearing shorts or a coat tomorrow!