April 5, 2013

He was Protecting Us

I'm pretty sure most of you know that I have my drivers license. I turned 16 in November, and got my license in January.

Just about 4 weeks ago, I was involved in my first ever car accident.

My parents have been in quite a few accidents, but never when they had kids.

Thank goodness it wasn't my fault, and that everyone was perfectly ok.

I was on my way to school with both of my brothers in the back seat.

I was getting ready to merge onto the busy highway from a backroad about 5 minutes from our house.

As I was waiting for it to clear, I noticed that there was a bus in the left lane and that it was clear for me to get into the right lane.

Well, about 3 seconds after I was fully in the lane the bus passed me, and the car behind it was trying to change lanes, but since he hadn't seen me merge earlier he hit me in the front/side.

He was going around 60 mph and since I was still speeding up I was going around 40 mph.

Once he hit me (on the drivers side) it popped my front tire and spun me around. That would put me facing oncoming traffic.

It all happened so fast...the only part I really remember at that direct moment was; I heard a loud crash and thought "What on earth just happened?! No...I couldn't of just gotten in an accident."

Did I mention that my parents had surprised me with a car...just 10 days before this happened? I didn't? Oh well they did and yes I was driving it that day...

I couldn't restart my car and so I was stuck facing backwards in the middle of the lane with no help accept my mom who I had just called to tell her what happened.

After being turned around, frantically trying to restart my car, and balling my eyes out I had to figure out two things: "Are my brothers ok?" & "How bad is the car?"

I spun around and saw both of my brothers conscious, not bleeding, and not even crying. They actually cried less than I did...

A couple minutes later 2 ladies who had seen the accident came rushing towards me, called 911, and made sure everyone was ok. It was quite the scene!
I did hit my head on the side window and so I had a small bruise and my neck was sore and my youngest brother also bumped his ear on the window, but that was about the extent of any injuries what so ever.

God was not only protecting me & my brothers, but also the other guy and his young daughter.

He didn't come up to me or ask me if I was ok, but my mom did ask his wife if him or his daughter were hurt and that was about it.

I was so shooken up about everything that looking back... half of it was a blur and and at the same time I remember everything. (obviously because I'm writing this post)


After working everything out with insurance, being asked many questions, and waiting for the "shock" to wear off...things are 98% back to normal.

Whenever my brothers are in the car with me and we get home safely, Scout (the youngest bro) will announce "We made it and we're back in one piece!!" :) Haha oh dear I traumatized them...kinda...not really.

I know for a fact that the accident could of been a lot worse, and that Jesus sent his angels down. The thought of anyone getting seriously injured or even dying makes me emotional.

It's hard to think about sometimes, but when I breathe a little prayer I know that Jesus is always with me no matter what. Whether it's driving, eating, sleeping, or working.

If you read the whole thing, I applaud you! :)



Emma said...

Wow! Amazing! I'm glad you and your brothers are okay!

Emma Kate said...

I am so glad that y'all are okay! God does amazing things. <3

Sierra said...

Oh wow that is so freakin' scary! I'm so glad y'all are okay! God was definitely with y'all!!! I'm just now learning to drive and I'm freaked out doing anything. Hopefully God'll send a bunch of angels for me, I'm afraid I'm going to kill myself :P But so happy everything turned out okay, now :)

Emma Mcclelland said...

I am SO glad to hear no one was hurt and everything was worked out! HE was definitely protecting you! :)

Jessica said...

I am so glad you were all okay!! Accidents are so scary...I've only had one since I've been driving, but it was terrifying!

Brooke said...

thank you, dear Jesus!♥

Betsy C. said...

WOW! I'M SOO glad you are okay;)