April 22, 2013

District Blitz 2013

This past weekend I was out of town with my youth group on our first trip since last July! It was sooo much fun!

Everyone got a long, the bus rides weren't too long, we got to grow more in our faith, and worship our AMAZING God! :)


 Caitlyn & Erin on the bus...headed for the conference!
 Beka & I on the bus...on our way!!
 Waiting for the conference to start beginning on Friday!
In our seats in the balcony

 Chatting...waiting for the doors to open on Saturday night.
 Our speaker for the weekend...Brandon Zieske.
 These are fears that people wrote down and our speaker (Brandon) painted FREE across it. So amazing!

 The conference and the room was only half full :)
 The Neverclaim! This band is INCREDIBLE & SO passionate to worship our Lord.
 One night we decided to dress up and then go out to dinner...It was a lot of fun!
 A favorite verse that he showed

 Encounter Jesus flame

 Brandon Zieske
 The "MC" for the weekend :)
Dress up!
 Brother & sister on our "dress-up go-out-to-dinner night"
 Where we sat in the conference center...left balcony w/ a perfect view of the stage!

It changes EVERYTHING!


Emma Kate said...

That looks like tons of fun! My Bible Study group, as well as my brother's and sister's, went to a bonfire at our youth pastor's house! :) It was so much fun. :)

Brooke said...

This looks so fun!:) I love how Brandon painted FREE over their fears...I need to do that.

Sheesh, here's to filling up your inbox with my crap.:P