November 3, 2013

Halloween with a Spanish Twist

This year my costume was a little bit different. It took me until that night to figure out what I wanted to be. You see, I'm in Spanish 3...and in Mexico they also celebrate a Halloween holiday except it's called "La Dia de los Muertos". (the day of the dead) It has a big meaning behind it, so I'll spare your time and you can Google it.

I had my friend Sophie sleeping over that night and she's like an artist so she decided to paint our faces like the Spanish skulls. It took a while but it was grand fun and then we went trick or treating like the crazy teenagers we are and spoke Spanish to people. :)

Halloween 2013 was a success! We'll see if I actually decide I'm too old next year :)



Anna said...

Wow, your friend's an amazing painter!

Emily Beth said...

i love those! she did such a good job!!

Kennedy Dukes said...

That is so amazing! I could never do that. You guys are so pretty!