November 16, 2013

Growing Up & Stuff

I've literally been debating a post idea for days. Clicking "new post" and then "delete" over and over and over because I just couldn't find the words. So life has been busy...

Volleyball is over. Been fitting in as much babysitting as possible. Filling out job applications. Doing a crazy amount of homework each night.

I turned seventeen 2 weeks ago and that has made me feel a different kind of "old" than I usually feel on my birthday. 13 - I became a teenager. 14 - I'd say was my defiant age. 15 - getting more mature. 16 - got my license. 17 - ??? Oh geez I guess that's where a job comes in? So I've been searching the nearby places I'd like to work at so I could start filling out some applications.

We've all heard about the applications, the interviews, the coworkers, and the job itself processes...but until you get there, it's a whole different game. I think trying to find a job has given me the most anxiety and nervousness that I've felt. Just thinking of the questions I'll have to answer, or if they'll think I'm not mature enough, or qualified
enough...and on and on the worries go.

Prayer has been my best friend lately. I also have to thank all my friends that have prayed for me and who have let me vent about life. One night this past week I just got so upset that I had meltdown and just prayed for God to lift me up and not feel so overwhelmed with responsibilities. After all, I'm 17 and still growing up and learning how to do all of this. :)


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Emily said...

I know exactly how you feel! I've looked into getting a real job lately and I had to stop because I was getting anxious! It was the oddest thing, I just got so nervous about everything. I guess I'm really worried that I won't be able to answer the questions they ask, or I'll say something stupid.

Good luck on your job hunting though! I know you'll do better than me! I think I would have been fine if I had just kept going. So keep it up and keep praying!