November 6, 2013

November Instagram

Hey everyone! There have been 6 official days of November...Can you believe it? It seems like every year goes faster and faster...only 2 more full months of 2013. Crazy.

So can you guess what tomorrow is? Yep, you guessed it...MY 17TH BIRTHDAY!!!! :) I'm so excited and since I have school this Thursday and Friday - my weekend is packed full of celebrating. Don't worry, I'll post about my celebrations here and on instagram. (follow me: michlynk_fisher) Speaking of instagram - here's my catch up of the last 2 months.

Oh and I would just like to note that we got our first official snowfall yesterday - So happy winterish fall :)

lunch date with my momma// fall scenery// see you at the pole// volleyball girls//
excited to play a rival team// struggling with junior year// volleyball selfies w/ the girls//
our favorite game of the season(pics with the other team)// babysitting my favorite 4 month old// cousin's wedding//
sunrise on the way to school// more homework// parents night from volleyball// sisters picture//
peace sign and duck face w/ the little bro// one of my fave nail polishes// posse night in// dressing up//



Emily Beth said...

i didn't even know you had an insta! you have such cute pics! i added you :)

S. said...

There was snow falling (and on the ground) where I live yesterday too! :) Snow is so pretty and winterish, as you said. :) The bottom left picture on your board is so fun!! :) Your little brother I think?

Kennedy Dukes said...

I think my iPad is finally letting me post comments!

Happy late birthday. Hope you had an amazing day.