November 8, 2013

Posse Night In

I first told you about my great group of friends, last August, when we went to Valleyfair. We recently hung out at one of the guy's house to celebrate his 17th birthday. It was tons of fun!

Bonfire. Friends. Laughing. TV. Inside jokes. Games. Food.

Every single one of us made it - which is a miracle considering there is 14 of us. We always have a blast and it's fun for everyone because we don't have to feel pressured or awkward around each other. Playing ping pong or watching whatever sport is on TV that night is just fine. Of course telling jokes is necessary for us - otherwise it would be too boring. :) I don't know what I would do without these people.

Unfortunately, we didn't take a group picture but here are the ones that were taken that night.



Anna said...

Fun! :)

S. said...

Sounds fun! :) Great friends are great. :)

Kennedy Dukes said...

Looks like a great time with great friends. You are your sister are so pretty!