December 22, 2013

Christmas Instagram

Well it's that time already...Christmas 2013 is only 3 short days away! This year literally felt so short it's unbelievable. Time flies but memories last forever. (< yeah I'm pretty cheesy)

Thought I'd catch you up on my instagram feed as we all celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! :)

birthday cards & flowers// new beanie// getting pedicures// 
celebrating birthdays w/ my mom & sister// editing photoshoot pics// scarf selfie// best friend status//
message on my calculator (inside joke)// black & white selfie// sister bonding through homework//
my cousin & I on thanksgiving// random selfies// college emails// it's Christmas break, let's celebrate selfie//


1 comment:

Kennedy Dukes said...

I am so happy that you have been posting a lot lately! Hope you have the merriest of Christmases and that you and your family are blessed. Love your blog. And you are stunning.