December 21, 2013

Volleyball Banquet

My volleyball banquet was in the beginning of November, so I'm posting this a little late but I wanted to go back and look at the memories we made. :) The girls are my second family and some of my best friends...the teach me life lessons, make me laugh, and work harder than a lot of girls I know. When ever I felt down or upset, one of my co-captains noticed and could always make me feel better. The bus rides to away games were always my favorite and we always had conversations that made us laugh until our stomachs hurt.

Looking back and thinking about the banquet not only makes me smile but brings tears to my eyes. I'm sooo proud to be one of the captains of this team and to see how hard they worked this past season. I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH!

Here's to the 2014 season!

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Kennedy Dukes said...

Michlyn, you look gorgeous! That coral color is stunning on you. Looks like so much fun!