December 7, 2013

Where Does Time Go?

I should probably have a good excuse for being gone for weeks and weeks, but I truly don't. I have some posts in mind and will be getting some scheduled as it truly is "the most wonderful time of the year". (but also the busiest)

School has been extra stressful lately and with Christmas break coming up in 2 weeks, that means projects and papers all have to be turned in before the deadline. I've had far too many late nights this week and hope to stop that and get some sleep.

I hope to take some pictures of my siblings soon so we can put our Christmas card together and send it out before it's too late.

We had 2 nights where bountiful amounts of snow came and covered the ground. I usually LOVE the snow, and it's very pretty but driving in it is a completely different story. Thankfully we haven't gotten stuck, gone in the ditch, or rear-ended anybody. God's provisions are overflowing!

I'll be back soon! Stay warm everyone!

xoxo,  ~Michlyn

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