December 10, 2013

Word Lovin'

You've read about it...I've mentioned it more than once. My life has been stressful and crazy. The thing is I'm trying to look past all the overwhelming details and trying to focus on the goals I want to accomplish. Lately, I've read some great posts that have really spoken to me and inspired me. I thought I'd share them here and maybe someone else would find them encouraging as well. :)

Emalee is a lifestyle blogger who loves fitness, makeup, and cats! Her post was especially encouraging because it seemed like she was talking to me when I read it. Definitely worth your time.

Inna is a b.e.a.utiful writer. I can't even. The way she words her posts just makes everything sound so beautiful. I love reading what she has to say about life and her adventures. And no this post isn't about One Direction's song - So go read what it's all about.

Jenna is a personal style blogger but also writes about bible studies, travel, and life adventures. She wrote this post last month and it's great. It talks about God's love and how we would be nothing without Him. Go check it out!


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