December 18, 2011

Christmas Party!

 Tonight was our youth group Christmas party! They have separate ones for the Junior Highers and the Senior Highers, and tonight was the Senior Highers. We got to have our Christmas party at our youth pastor's house and it was a blast! Their house is pretty big but not too spacious in some areas. We did manage to fit all 30 of us teenagers in their living room and it was quite an adventure! We all had to bring a white elephant gift. (a gift under $5 that you can buy or something from your house you want to give away) Then once we all seemed to find a spot to play the game we started!
Each person got a really random gift, (not their own) and it was so much fun! Just seeing the expression on the person's face was really funny, and of course how random the gift really was.
We also played other games in small groups, talked with our friends, randomly arm-wrestled, laughed about all the different stuff that was said, had awkward but fun car rides home, and altogether I'm pretty sure everyone thought it was a great night. I can't wait for next year and how much more fun we'll have. I'll keep you posted on more exciting youth group trips coming up!



Beka said...

And you didn't want to go at first! i new i was right you had fun!!
but it will be ten times as fun when i come up!:)


Michlyn said...

Gee thanks for rubbing it in my face... But yes I did have fun! Next year will be epic! So excited for Dare2Share, and then Summer, and then next Fall you and Erin will be with me again!

At least you're doing stuff without me... :)


Beka said...

I can't wait!! yeah but if Erin isn't there the only other person to hang out with is Hunter. all the girls hate me but that's ok because I hate them too!!
how I have a sad life every one hates me! lol jk