December 12, 2011

Little Brother

This is Scout. I rememeber when he was little and I would hold him and play with him.

Now he's big and all grown up!

I love you little man! (I've always called him that) I know you're big and 6 now, but let's make this year really slow. Because the more you grow, the more I grow... and I don't want to grow up too fast.

You keep life busy, and interesting! You always remind me in your innocent ways, how to stay young. I remember when I was your age, and there was no worries what so ever.

You're always there to cheer me up with your crazy and silly ways! You're always having fun and telling me your imaginary stories.

You never fail to crack me up, or make me laugh, and sometimes drive me a little crazy!

I love you little man! I know I've always said not to grow up too fast... because before you know it, you'll be as "big" as me. I want you to remember to always have fun and to always remember the simple things in life. This world is very imperfect and it's tough... I know that I still have a lot to learn, but it is never fair.

Keep your chin held high!

You big sister,

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Beka said...

He's soo cute I want him! can i have him!?