December 27, 2011

We made it!

We made it to Michigan! We're in the duplex right now and our friends came to meet us. The girls are playing games, the boys are playing on a new videogame that friends gave to us for Christmas, and the adults are talking.

I'm so glad that we have internet here! I'll hopefully be able to post while I'm here, and if I can't then I'll be sure to post when we're home. We have a few plans for later today, and we're all really excited!
There are probably a few more things, but so far we're just hanging out and just finished eating breakfast. I have already texted Beka so hopefully she won't be mad for waking her up. :) There's an hour time difference and so we're an hour ahead than usual.

Hope your holiday plans and travels are all going well!


Beka said...

haha I didn't get the text. but yes if you would have woken me up to day I would have killed you!!
have fun!

Beka said...

BTW glad you make it safe and didn't die!!

Michlyn said...

Haha yeah I know you would of killed me! Good thing I waited long enough! :)

LOL Yeah we are all alive!