December 3, 2011

I'm back!

Well this week has been quite crazy! On Monday I got my iPod taken away for not doing what my mom wanted. I just stayed on it, until she finally said "give it to me". Well of course knowing me... I had a
"There's NO WAY you're taking this from me" fight  an argument with her about it. I just got it back yesterday!

On Tuesday I had sooo many things to do in school. Luckily I basically have a study hall in my third hour. My teacher is really flexible, and I got a lot done for other classes too. I also had a Spanish test and it went pretty good. I'm so glad when classes are quiet and you could just fall asleep without getting in trouble. ;)

On Wednesday my parents talked and said that I won't be able to have my iPod at night. It really stinks because I usually listen to music when I go to bed. It made me sooo mad! I understood in my head argued because I totally disagreed. Oh well... There's no way I can change it, and yes I have found a way to fall asleep these past few nights.

On Thursday it was pretty low key. Out of all the days of our 5 day week this was the longest day ever! I think everyone I asked said they were tired, and since we have so many semester projects coming up the classes are really boring. I think everyone was happy for that day to pass.

On Friday, I left school 30 minutes early to go take my permit test. I was soo nervous, and just didn't know what to expect. It's on a touch screen computer and only 40 questions. Unfortunately, I didn't pass this time... I was pretty bummed but tried to stay positive. Some of the questions I don't even remember studying so I hope to study more and pass the next I take it. Wish me luck!!

Hope everyone else had a great, and not so long week!

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Beka said...

What? what time do they take it away?