March 16, 2012

Chicago Tour 2012! {Part 2}

If you didn't read my first post on my choir Chicago trip you can go here to read it!


After we all ate breakfast the next morning, everyone got onto the buses and we were off! We went to a retirement home, and the choir sang for an audience of some older people. It went really well, and they were so happy to see us. They rarely ever get visitors, and we were glad that we could make their day just by singing a few songs and visiting with them.

On the bus

Then we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I'm glad that we didn't have to take a tour! We all took a picture outside of the museum and then went it. The whole trip we had to wear matching red polos, and black pants. So everywhere we went, we were all matching - We got quite a few stares from people. So as we entered the museum, we went in as small groups, ate lunch, and then got to walk around for 2 hours. 

A scale model of Chicago

This was called "yesterday's mainstreet". It was like an old town, in the museum

Showing "PACT" which was on a newspaper in the museum - Also the name of our school :)

This is me by a really big submarine

Naomi on a fake cow, in the barn section of the museum - She's so cute

After the museum, we headed to Vandercook College of Music. The choir sat in on a normal college choir rehearsal and the band played for a band master and she gave them tips on how to do better. It was really interesting!

Then we headed to Michigan Avenue to do some shopping, and then we went to Buca de Beppos for a family style dinner. The food was so good! It was a really nice restaurant, and we were happy to have some real food - besides fast food. After dinner, we headed to see The Blue Man Group perform!! We weren't allowed to take pictures or videos during their performance, but we got to take pictures with them after the show.

We got the first 4 rows in the theater and it was so much fun! They do the most fun, and random things ever! There are 3 guys, and they are so funny! During the show the guy in the picture above, picked up a bouquet of fake flowers and then picked out one of the flowers and handed it to me! :) The funny thing is that they never have an expression on their faces. They don't smile, laugh, frown, or anything - So when he handed me the flower, I was smiling and he wasn't... It was kind of weird, but really fun!

The show went until about 9:30, and we didn't get back to the hotel until about 10:45. We were all pretty tired, but this was one of the busiest days of the whole trip. Once we were all back in our hotel rooms, our room chaperone came and gave us info for the next day. It would be our last day in Chicago. :( There was still a busy day ahead,  but we were sad to be leaving.

Part 3 coming tomorrow! Hope you've enjoyed reading it so far! :)


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