March 15, 2012

Chicago Tour 2012! {Part1}

So last week I did a post about school. I mentioned that I would be going to Chicago for my Choir trip for school. I also mentioned it on facebook.

So on Monday morning I got to my school at 7:30 AM to say goodbye to my dad, pack up a bus, find my seats with my friends, and leave for an 8 hour bus trip to Chicago! IT WAS AMAZING!

We also went with the band, and took 2 coach buses to head down to Chicago. I couldn't ask for better friends, a better bus, better teachers, or a better trip. It was soooo much fun!

On the bus, watching Tangled

Rain clouds that were parting... It rained most of the way to Chicago

Entering Chicago

Once we got into Chicago, our first stop was the Skydeck! It's the tallest tower in the country, and we got to go to the very top! It was amazing!

The tower we were going into
This was a sign in the building that we toured - It actually said Chicago, but they made it look like "chic". :)

This was in the elevator, we went up 103 floors

All these pictures are from the skydeck - It was so high up

Next, it was off to Navy Pier!! It's basically a mall and it's 2 1/2 miles long! We had to stay in groups of 3 or more, and it was a blast! We ate dinner, and then enjoyed some shopping & walking around. :)

Navy Pier at night

Then it was off to the hotel after a busy day of traveling and sight seeing. We immediately grabbed our things, and headed straight to our rooms. I stayed with 4 other girls, and we were the last ones up the elevator and to our room. It was so nice to finally be some where to stay! We unpacked, some people went swimming, and then it was time to relax and go to bed. 

Can you believe we did that in one day?! I couldn't either, but it was fun and so worth it! I wish I could do the whole trip in one post, but that would be a lot of information to take in. Hopefully I can finish it in Part 2 and if not there will be a Part 3. Thanks for reading, and more to come!


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Brittany said...

Wow what fun! The pictures are awesome!

Tangled is such a funny movie:)