March 17, 2012

Chicago Tour 2012! {Part 3}

If you haven't read my first 2 posts about my Chicago choir trip, then just click on the links below:


The next morning we actually got to sleep in and be lazy for a couple hours after breakfast, because we didn't have to check out of our hotel until 11:00. :) It was super nice, and we definitely needed some extra rest. After everyone had eaten breakfast, got ready, packed up their things, and cleaned up their rooms... We all went downstairs. We all signed a Chicago poster, and we're going to hang it up in our choir/band room at school!
The lobby in our hotel - Embassy Suites

It was a really nice hotel, and they had super good service. We stayed on the 4th & 5th floors

We checked out of our hotel on time, and then we headed to a mall to go shopping for about an hour. It was a nice break to walk around, and get a snack if you wanted. Then, we were finally on our way to the last stop of the trip. We were going to another charter school in Chicago, and our band/choir were going to perform for them, and then their band/choir would perform for us. :) We all did great! It was very fun to perform for each other, and we also got to have a pizza party with them.

On the bus, ready to perform for the other school

The weather was super nice, and we had to stay in our "uniforms" for half the day. It got up to about 70F and we were all so hot. We couldn't wait to change, and get comfortable on the bus for our ride home.

We all said goodbye and thank you to the other school, loaded the buses, changed [finally] for the trip home, and we were headed back for home. :(

Good bye Chicago! 

We had an amazing trip, and couldn't ask for a better one! We learned more about each other, and learned more about music too! It was a very fun and interesting trip! I hope that we're able to do another one next year!



Beka said...

Wow you did ALOT! Glad you had fun

Michlyn said...

Yeah we did! Thanks, we had a blast!