March 14, 2012

Going Back in Black & White

Going Back in Black and White - Week 1

My Grandpa is someone I really look up to! He inspires me to do my best, he's a great roll model, and I love him a lot! We've been "best buds" since forever. He's hard working, wise, and strong.

He could fix anything, anywhere, at anytime. He could fix your garage door, paint your whole house, re-furnish your dresser, fence in your whole yard, or put shingles on your house.

He's just that incredible! I know this, because we've probably asked him to do everything from the above list. 

Looking back, I couldn't ask for a better grandpa! He's taught me so much, and loves me for who I am! :)



Brittany said...

Grandparents are such a blessing! Looks like you have a wonderful grandfather;)

Beka said...

Your grandpa is the best!!:)

Michlyn said...

Yes they are! I know, I love him! :)