July 10, 2012

New Orleans Day 1

Hi everyone! Since the New Orleans trip was for a whole week, I decided to write about my trip day by day. We did so many exciting things, and really grew closer to God and to each other as a youth group. We got to know each other a little better, and really enjoyed our trip. Our amazing God couldn't have chosen a better time for this to happen. He knew that this trip was exactly what we needed!

We were supposed to leave at 7:00 am but our bus got a flat tire, and we didn't leave until 9:00 am.
As soon as the bus left, we would stop every 4 hours. It would either be at a gas station to get some snacks and gas, a fast food restaurant to eat, or a rest stop to stretch and take a break. 

In the evening on the first day we stopped at a small town in Missouri called Hannibal. We all did some site-seeing, ate at Subway, and then a group of us went to see the light house. :)

After our stop in Hannibal we would be driving through the night. Some of us slept on the floor, others on the chairs, and some people stayed awake all night. I definitely slept, because I knew that it would be better for me. I brought a blanket and pillow, and slept quite comfortably on the bus floor. :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow! :) That day we arrived in New Orleans!


**Picture credit goes to my friend Beka.**

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Emma said...

Sounds like fun, sleeping on the floor, also very safe! :)