July 22, 2012

*Updated* Comment Moderation

**Update!! I haven't had any spam or junky comments come to my attention at all, since I started comment moderation. Sooo, thankfully I can take it back off and you can all go commenting about! :) **

Hello to all my amazing followers! :)

I just wanted to let you all know, that I have turned on my comments moderation. Which means, that before any comments are published on my blog (anywhere) an email will be sent to me, so I know it's ok to publish.

I've had some spam and junk comments posted on my blog recently, and it's getting kind of annoying. Please if you see any comment that is spam, has lots of links, or even bad words - Please do not click or open it. If you can, just email me and tell me where the comment is and which post it is on.

I would hate for viruses to be sent to your computers or mine - or worse have to take my blog down for a short period of time. I think that I've erased most of the junky comments, but if you see one I would really appreciate it if it was brought to my attention.

I know that none of you have commented bad things on my blog. For the comments that I am concerned about, were all written by someone anonymous.

Thanks for reading, and for your patience! I still allow comments by anyone, but I want to make sure they are kind and clean. :) Hopefully after a little while, I can take the moderation off again!

If you have any kind words or questions, comment below or email me! mkfisher007@aol.com


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