July 15, 2012

New Orleans Day 3

Sunday night was so much fun! Since we all had balconies off our hotel rooms, we would all go hang out and talk to each other on them. We would meet people, and holler to them a couple floors down and ask where they were from. A bunch of fun! :) That night we were up until about 1 in the morning, and had to get some sleep.

Monday morning came way too quick, and Beka woke me up at about 6:00 am. So I quietly got out of the bed that 3 of us shared, and snuck out onto our balcony. It was just the right temperature, no one else was up yet, and the early morning view was gorgeous!
The balconies, and the morning view

On Monday, we went to the morning gathering and then started our "huddles". Every youth group at the conference did a huddle after each gathering. In our huddles we would answer questions from the sermon, and just talk about what stuck out to us the most.

Frances Chan spoke that morning, and that was his little boy. Such a good example and sermon!!

The Girls
The Guys

Then later that day after lunch, a group of us went to play dodge ball at the Hilton hotel. Just about a 12 minute walk from our hotel. Since we only had 9 people from our youth group, we teamed up with 6 girls from a youth group in Chicago to help us. It was so much fun!

Our group that went
The group, with the girls we met. I thought it was a pretty cool shot with the ball in the center. :)
Some random pictures... Dodge ball was definitely a high light from the trip.

We ended winning 3rd place out of the whole tournament! Thanks to the girls that helped us, and they were super nice too!

We ended the day by going to the evening gathering and worshiping our amazing God! This trip was really getting exciting!



Emma said...

<3 the pictures!

Brooke said...

That first picture...I die! Awesome.:] That sounds so fun!!


Michlyn said...

Thank you both! The first picture I love also! It was just sooo beautiful morning & night. Unfortunately we weren't there much in the middle of the day. :)

My friend Beka took most of these pictures - She took over 800 during the whole trip. But just think you get to see 4 more days of my trip. (including pictures)


Brooke said...

Hey again! In response to the comment you left about the photo challenge on my blog~YES, that would work! It doesn't have to be a baby.:] I would love if you would enter it, but you must hurry-it ends tomorrow!:)