July 16, 2012

New Orleans Day 4

This day it was Tuesday! The night before, some girls from the 7th or 8th floor were throwing ice off their balcony. We told them to stop, but long story short they damaged a car. So the Challenge staff made a rule that the balconies were off limits for the rest of the week. We were really mad because we did nothing wrong, and yet something that we enjoyed was taken away from us.

The view of our hotel from the ground.

One Tuesday after our morning gathering and huddle, we met up with the Milaca youth group. We were all going to do a prayer walk together. Unfortunately, our bus got another flat tire and we were unable to and so we waited around in the conference hall for 4 hours just hanging out.

So after we hung around for a while, we all met upstairs and got in groups so we could do prayer stations. Tuesday was kind of a boring day because only half the group was able to do the prayer station, and the other half (which included me, Beka, and my sister Erin) had their own quiet prayer walk.

We know we glorified our God the best we could, because no matter how many glitches there were - It was all to honor Him. :)

Then we had another amazing dinner. Which I just want to mention... that ALLLL of the food was incredible. The people who worked there really knew what they were doing. Such a blessing not to have to worry about what to cook for a large group.

Propaganda (spoken word artist)          Kristian Stanfill (singer)                   Emory Colvin (drama)

All the speakers, artists, and Emory (the only actress) were all so amazing!! You could feel the power in their words, and how strongly they felt with every topic they talked about.

But sadly the week was passing way too fast! More adventures coming soon!

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