October 5, 2012

Instagram Catch-up

Homemade chocolate chip cookies made by my dad :)

School colors pedicure 

Snake braid that my beautiful and talented friend Megan did!

Chilling in my room after church, and listening to music 

My puppy Hattie 

Tried a snack I saw...peanut butter w/ honey and apples. Thanks Emma Claire!

My beautiful momma still braids our hair :)

My new shoes that I scored on for $10 RED w/ BOWS!!



Mal said...

I get my mom to braid my hair too :) Good to know I'm not the only one :)

Lindy Joy said...

Haha! My mom braids my hair for me sometimes. ;)

Alexandra Marie said...

Just found your blog through Jenna's blog-- follow eachother? alex


Leighanna Rose said...

oooh! I love the braid! Amazing! My friend just did a cinnamon bun in my hair!
2 Questions
1- Whats your instagram username?
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Let me know if you need help or anything!

Have a great day!

Noelle said...

Love the pics! Oh yeah! Could you please follow me back? I am having a 4o follower giveaway, and if you follow back, you will win either a prize of a customized blog header, a designed button, or a interview on my blog!!!

Noelle : )

Noelle said...

Thanks for following my blog! Just choose the prize you want (Even though i absolutely love your header, so i don't think you would wanna choose a customized header from me ; ) ; )

Noelle : )

Leighanna Rose said...

Hey Michlyn!
I was hoping you might enter my fall photo challenge, located on the sidebar!