October 3, 2012

positive & negative & awkward

Sooo I've been having a fantabulous week!

Like seriously... this never happens to me. ever.

I haven't been tired all week, which rarely occurs.

I've stayed on top of homework & volleyball.

Just some random thoughts about positive. negative. and awkward stuff.


It's our first volleyball tournament this Saturday!! Starts at 8 am and goes through the afternoon! I'm so excited to play with the girls - So pumped to play other teams and just have a fun day with the team! :)


So you know how I talked about Fall Fling last year? Click here and here to read about our awesome adventures in 2011. It's a retreat that my church does almost every year with the youth group. It's a BLAST, but I can't go. Ugghhh I was so upset. Although I know that being at my volleyball tournament is important and will be fun too! :)


Yesterday we had an away game for volleyball. We were playing against a reeaallly good team, and were just super excited. I'm on varsity so we play after JV does. We start the game and then one of the coaches calls a time out, a little bit into the first game. We all stand in a circle and listen to what the coach says. Adjustments and such, that will make us play better. You see, I've had this cough/congestion stuff for about 3 weeks, and it stinks big time. So my throat hurt and I needed a drink of water. I start to take a drink and then all of a sudden I choke. literally. Like my throat blew up and no way is the water going to go down. Then in another split second (kind of felt like slow motion to me - you know those moments right?) I watch water slip out of my mouth and onto a few of my teammates. Then I choke and gargle and blush and laugh all at the same time. I turn around and see if maybe between all the laughter and embarrassment .. I can actually take a normal drink of water. It was quite the "team-bonding".

Have an akwartive rest of your week everyone!

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