October 27, 2012

I'm NOT Perfect.

Being a blogger can be hard. And fun. And interesting. I think sometimes there are times when you're looked at differently. People read about all your moments and think "gosh, she sounds like she has a perfect life." "she's flawless." "I wish I could be her."

Being yourself is so important. That's why my blog changes so often. That's why I barely do photo contests or awards. I feel like you shouldn't be pressured or burdened to make sure your blog pleases others.

I know some people like to show off their photography and college life and their family moments. That's awesome. I love looking at blogs like that. I blog about that stuff too. You have to realize though that they should do it for themselves not you.

Now, I'm not perfect........

My hair can just get plain yucky. I may want to rip it out of my head some days.

My skin is far from flawless. I get zits. Boy do I get them. Scars even.

I don't have rock hard abs. I'm athletic yes, but I don't have a flat stomach. (Confession: I've been self-conscious about my stomach ever since I was probably 13.)

My clothes are not from hollywood. Or the best teen stores around. I might just throw together an outfit. Some days I might just wear my worst jeans and a sweatshirt, and say "this is as good as it's gonna get."

My nails are horrible. Nail biter. Sorry, but I have been ever since I was like 3. So if you ever see an awesome picture of my nails... Ha they're fake. :)

I go through so much drama. High school is ridiculous. I would only change some things because of the drama, but I love it!! Not drama; school. And my friends.

I have friends that are mean/rude to other people I like. It really bothers me, and sometimes I have to stand up for that person. Gossiping is not the way to go. Sometimes they'll start taking about who's the richest (has the most money) at our lunch table. I know. I know.

I used to feel like I had to please others who read my blog. Almost like I had to ask them what to write about. If there is anything I've learn(ed/ing).... Write to your heart's content. About anything. Your family's picnic. Your make-up on Friday. Your favorite song. Your friends jerk ex-boyfriend. A funny quote you read. Anything... And rate it as perfect in your book. Not someone elses.


P.S. Where's this girl you say?? Well... She's right here:


Mary said...

Your so honest and gorgeous, Michlyn! I appreciate bloggers who share their true, heart-felt thoughts. Thanks for posting this, girl!
Oh, and I've noticed yet again how much alike we are. Nail-biting, not always miss-perfect-hair, princesses of God!=)

Michlyn said...

Thanks Mary! I find it very important to be real on my blog :)

I've noticed that we are a lot alike as well! <3

Stay beautiful