October 26, 2012

Photo Shoot Inspiration

I've mentioned lately that I reeeaaalllyyyy want to do a photo shoot. But first I need to get a memory card or figure something out on my friend's camera so it doesn't turn out blurry.

Some blogs I've looked at lately have been doing such beautiful photo shoots, and I am jealous. :) Oh and can I say it snowed today?! Yeah. It did. For a few hours, but just barely and it all melted. Besides avoiding the cold weather, I'm dying to take some pictures.

So here's some photo shoots I'm loving and ideas I really want to use!

Close up of half her face - focus on the eye... SO gorgeous! Credit it to Alexandra Marie

Isn't Brooke just so gorgeous?? I just love her fun ideas & her cute outfits! :) And people she took this herself! 

I don't like the clothing, but I like the car and the background. Credit to Pinterest.

Ahhhh...the light. I would love to have a picture like this. Credit to Pinterest.

Ok that's all.


Beka said...

Hey! we need to go to elk river and take some by the railroad tracks!! do you have my memory card?


Michlyn said...

Hey! Ok sounds good! We should do that after I get my haircut. If that doesn't work out then I know a place close to the railroad tracks. :)


Brooke said...

Aww thanks, Michlyn!=] That last picture is so beautiful.♥