January 25, 2013


Thank God it's Friday!!

Wooo! I made it through our 4 but LONG day school week, of the 2nd semester.

I don't especially enjoy most of my new classes, but I do have a few favorites.

It will be something to get used to in the next few weeks.

In my last catch up post I said I had found a Snowdaze dress...

And people the long awaited day of Snowdaze 2013 is...TOMORROW!

So I'll be posting sometime soon about all the fun details of that. :)

I just have to wait for our graphic design and publishing team/class to get the pictures on the website.

I've loved reading your blogs recently! Some favorite posts are:

Classy Girls Wear Pearls - Her posts are so great and her style is so original; I love it!

moments with love - A mom who documents her life of adoption, life, and love with 9 kiddos.

five lists on Awaken - What she loves and wants.

Life as a Missionary Kid - Just started following her and she gives a sneak peek into her life; just a little older than me.

Mr. Sassy Photoshoot at be lovely - Real life, funny, and teenage stuff; this girl is great!

EM on a Mission - Teenage girl who just moved to live in Uganda permanently to serve her Lord and be the hands and feet of Jesus to orphans.

This is so true!!

Are you glad it's Friday?

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