January 4, 2013

Awesome and Awkward Friday

Following along with my friend Brooke! She wrote she "awesome and awkward post" here!


>>Getting hugs from your friends.
>Grades going up as the semester finishes up
>>Having a mom who will listen to you and give you advice.
>Receiving the sweetest emails from bloggy friends
>>My hair - I just love the new cut. It's so fresh!
>Buying new music on iTunes because your awesome dad got you a gift card!
>>Reliving memories
>Being able to drive all by myself
>>Pictures to capture those moments
>>The beautiful snow


>Sitting in class and you see your friend through the window in the door, so you wave. Then the teacher sees you, stops talking, makes a confused face, and the whole class laughs.

>>Sitting in class as the teacher is explaining something new. Then, you're used as an example and everyone in the class looks at you.

>Your friend tells you something suuupppeeerrrrr funny and you start laughing hysterically. Nobody else knows what's going on, so they just stare at you as you turn as red as a tomato and gasp for air...and continue to laugh some more.

>>When your walking down the hall and you see someone you kinda know but not really...so you just awkwardly make eye contact like 3 times until you pass each other.

>>Talking to a good guy friend of yours and then the gym teacher says "hey lovebirds let's play the game."

Hope your Friday was fabulous!


Beka said...

Well I love that teacher!!

Brooke said...

I love this.
I mean really love.