January 5, 2013


I'm still recovering from Christmas break and all it's lovely-ness. :)

I think I went through a mental shock when school started again.

Let me give you a little look into...

What Christmas Break is really like.....

The First Day:
Expectation: Everyone is all happy and cheerful...you talk about exciting things in all your classes and enjoy some Christmas gifts from friends.

Reality: You can hardly sit still long enough to endure that reeeaally long 50-ish minutes. A lot of teachers are crabby and impatient because they have to put up with psycho teenagers. You also have to turn in a paper, project, or presentation in almost every class.

Expectation: The last bell rings and everyone skips into the halls like magical elves. You gather your things, and say goodbye to your friends.

Reality: That final bell rings and people are everywhere. No lie. You can barely get your books and leave the class without being run over by a stampede. Fortunately, teachers decided to not assign homework and you get home to obnoxiously post all over facebook that Christmas break is HERE!

Christmas Celebrations:
Expectation: You're a teenager and you're as cool as a cucumber. You're excited for your gifts, but no need to show excitement.

Reality: You are so stinkin' excited for that one thing you KNOW you're gonna get that you almost pee your pants. Then, on Christmas Eve night you're just like a little kid waking up every hour and trying not to open your door to take a peek at the presents.

Expectation: You got a pile of presents and just don't know what to do with yourself. You explore and use every gift you got and are busy for days.

Reality: All the gifts you got are amazing. You were totally blessed! It's like waking up to a dream and you use your new things to get used to them.

Almost New Years:
Expectation: You've been building snow-forts, visiting family, saying endless thank-yous, and relaxing until you ring in the New Year.

Reality: You haven't gotten dressed for a week, probably haven't showered for a few days and are starting to smell like road-kill. Your room looks like an endless pit of dirty clothes, price tags, and boxes. So you decide to actually get ready and then sit on the couch with no where to go.

New Years Eve:
Expectation: You're going to someone's house to celebrate with your friends, play hilarious games, eat tons of food, and kiss that special someone when you see the ball drop on TV in Times Square.

Reality: You chill with some friends and people you just met. As you go into the frigid weather and freeze as you force yourself to have fun when someone asks you to go sledding. Then you overly stuff yourself with food, and choke down some cheap, fake champagne when the clock strikes midnight.

One. More. Day:
Expectation: Any homework that was assigned is finished, new outfit set aside for the return back to school, and you get yourself to bed nice and early for the busy day ahead.

Reality: All you really did for the past 2 days was sit at the computer for hours without end, watch some stupid TV, text some friends, and begin to start bad habits that could get you the name "couch potato". Then you go to bed at midnight and feel like a zombie when you try to wake up in the morning.

All together - The break from school and doing almost nothing everyday, was pretty nice! :)


Hannah said...

Yeah, I can totally relate... except, I'm homeshooled so the first two didn't relate. but the homework thing I defiantly need to start... Urg. :P

Brooke said...

Hahaha this is so accurate! And I LOVE the new look.:)

Brittany said...

Neat idea:)