January 11, 2013

Lately in January

What have I been up to?

Pretty much this.........

Credit goes to Pinterest for this pic.

Scrolling through numerous websites looking for a Snowdaze dress.

Babysitting. Saving some mula for a car. and gas!

School. School. School. 1st semester ends next week.

Taking some winter scenery pics...the snow is still here in huge amounts.

WAY less instagramming. I guess around Christmas things are just so pretty to Instagram.

Cleaning...Seems like a tornado has hit my room every other day.

New nails designs. I've been experimenting...fun stuff thanks to Pinterest!

Shopping. One of my hobbies.

Wishful sleeping. I love taking naps after school. Unfortunately that hasn't happened for many weeks.

And blogging! I have fantastic followers :)


P.S. Sorry I've been a little quiet lately. Not much to say...once this week is over...I should have some great stories coming this way. Have a restful weekend full of extra junk food, sleep, homework, and friends!


Mary said...

Sounds like life is good!

What's your instagram, girly? I'm suzylou113!

Hannah said...

Ugh, I know what you mean. School, cleaning, and everything else is keeping me busy, busy, busy! And Christmas isn't even over for us! O.O