February 25, 2012

At the Conference

We're here!

And it's incredible!

We left a little late yesterday, took a few U-turns, but finally found the church.

Once everyone was in and had their wristband, and was at their seat - we were able to explore a little bit.

The church. Is. Huge. I'm not kidding. So we walked around a bit, and finally went into the sanctuary right before the first session started.

The worship, the speakers, the dramas, and the students are amazing.

Dare2Share is an unforgettable experience that I hope tons and tons of teens will continue to experience!

We're loving' it, and we're pumped to start another new, and fun day (screaming will be included) at this great conference.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend just as much as I am!


Brittany said...

I'm glad you're having a great time!! This year might not work out for me to go (with my family's adoption up in the air) but i hope to go next year.

Hope you continue to have a good time!

Michlyn said...

That's totally ok! Dare2Share won't stop, and I really hope that you'll get to experience it. When my family was in the process of adoption I had to give up a lot too - but it was totally worth it! :)

Praying for you!

Beka said...

I want to go back!