February 9, 2012

The Ending of Another Series

Through the Eyes of a Teenager

It has come to an end. I did "Through the Eyes of a Teenager" series on my blog for about 6 weeks.

It was a lot of fun finding topics to post about. I'm really glad that I took the time and effort to look into a few of these things.

At first you don't realize how interesting or popular the topics are.

Looking at these topics really made me think and see how other teenagers look at them.

I will be starting a new series, and as soon as I figure out what it is I'll post about it.

If you would like to see my posts I put all the links below

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the series!


Brittany said...

I liked this series:) What will the next one be?

Michlyn said...

I don't know yet! I love pictures, and have been wanting to do a series where I have to take a few pictures.

I'll let you know as soon as I think of one.

Thanks for stopping by!

Beka said...

Can' wait for your next series!!