February 27, 2012

Dare2Share 2012

We had an AMAZING time at Dare2Share this year! The theme this year was Game Day!

They have 3 main speakers - Greg Stier, Zane Black, and Propaganda!


Zane & Propaganda

It was an incredible time for everyone there! We went to a very big church about 1 hour away from our church and it was great!

 The Church that the conference was at

There was about 3,000 teens there! How amazing is God?! He can bring so many of us together to learn and grow closer to Him!

Dare2Share teaches and trains teens on how to share their faith with their peers, family, and friends! Their were so many testimonies and tons of teens accepted Jesus Christ for the first time this weekend! WOW!

Greg Stier with a young man who was sharing his testimony through Compassion (a sponsor ministry)

Dare2Share helps sponsor kids through Compassion. It's a program that takes kids from countries all over the world and provides them with their basic needs. School, food, water, medical care, and shelter. But they can't do it alone and it's not free! For only $38 a month, you can sponsor a child through Compassion. So many teens were moved by this and decided to start sponsoring a child for the first time!

We had so much fun this weekend learning what these 3 guys had to teach us, and how we can be more open with our faith to everyone we know!

Caitlyn, Erin, Beka, and I on our way to the conference Friday night! :)

All 4 of us were on our iPods for a while, and so I needed to get a picture :)

At the conference...

On Friday we headed down there at about 4:30, stopped to eat dinner, and then arrived at the church to get wristbands, and find our seats.

They also had dramas that would show real life situations. One of them was about 2 friends and one girl was a Christian and the other girl was not. It was super intense and it showed the importance of making sure every one of your friends and family members get to heaven. It was one of our high lights from the trip.

A couple of the actors (not the girls) :)

They also had a few of the actors come out on stage, before each session started and would get us really excited!

Everyone got a "playbook" to follow along with and take some notes. All 3 guys are pretty funny and they tell some awesome stories! Propaganda has a little girl and he told some cute stories about her and what she's learning. Zane didn't become a Christian until he was 18 years old, and he was a surfer so he had some pretty cool stories. Finally, Greg is the oldest guy and he's a preacher/youth pastor kind of guy. So he would tell stories from camp or from his youth group. So fun!

Beka's playbook :)

Brenton Brown was also the worship leader this year for D2S! He's a pretty awesome guy, and he's got a pretty awesome accent. He was there and played with "The Worship Republic" as his band. 

He taught us some new songs, and we also sang a song we already knew! Some of best parts of the worship was seeing everyone come together and praise our great God, and also...

We got to go on stage!

Beka and I and a few other girls from our youth group went up to show actions to a song! It was amazing! We got to stand up there and simply show some actions to 3,000 teenagers so we could all make our praises just a bit more fun! He actually stopped in the middle of the song, to call us up there! I loved it!!

Dare2Share will always be my favorite! :)



Brittany said...

Wow, what fun!

Beka said...

Best weekend ever!!! I hope we can go next year!!